Customize metadata shown in the Contract Card

The Admin user with “Can manage account setting and tags” right turned on can configure the metadata fields shown in the Contract views Contract Cards.

To do this, navigate to “Account setting” (open the menu by clicking the user icon in the top right corner) and select “Organization” tab. There you can see an example contract card and by clicking on the metadata field on bottom of the card, the Admin may select which metadata is shown in that location.


Note: Dashboard is an option, which is included in ENTERPRISE edition, but can also be purchased separately for other editions. If you are interested, contact our support for additional details.

Dashboard will give a quick insight of what is happening in your account. Dashboard includes:
– # of contracts uploaded by time
– list of all upcoming, past due and completed activities
– # of contracts by status, binder and owner

You can filter and drill down the Dashboard data.

Find similar contracts

Ever needed to find all contracts which are made with the same contract template? Or contracts which have more or less the same content?

Now this is possible with our new feature called “Similar contracts”: just click on the “Similar” icon on top of that specific contract and with a help of some AI-magic, will list you all similar contracts.

You can adjust the similarity of the search result with the slider on the top of the page.

Video below shows how it works in practice.

Select columns shown in the table view

In Contracts view’s table view you can now select the columns you wish to see.

Favorite contracts

You can mark the contracts you regularly need to view as ‘favorite’ contracts by click the small heart icon in the bottom left corner of the contract card.

You may use filters to find any user’s favorite contracts.

Searching for contracts with missing metadata

Ever wanted to find those contracts, which are NOT yet in any binder or do NOT have any tags attached? Now this can easily be done with filters.

To find contracts where a particular field is not set, simply uncheck the checkbox next to the corresponding filter. will list the contracts where that value is not set.

Sending several contracts with one email

Now you can send several contracts with a single email to Aivan. Just attach all your contract files and write “multiple” (lowercase) as the first word of the email message. Aivan will create a separate contract for each attachment file.

Semi-annual recurring activities

For those of you with contract activities requiring attention every 6 months, we’ve added the “Semi-annually” activity recurrence option.

Advanced targeted search

You may now target your text searches to a specific context, such as title, notes, or emails.

Click on the small arrow to the left of the seach box to open the targeted search options.

With this new feature, team Aivan wishes you a very happy and successful new year 2020!

Party management

We have introduced a party management view, where you may:

  • edit the Name and Business ID for a party
  • merge parties
  • sort and search parties

Party management is an optional feature included in the ENTERPRISE edition.

Furthermore, access to party management is limited to admin users who have the “Can manage parties” permission.