Managing who can see or edit the binder and its content

Users have access only to contracts that have been shared to them via binders, and contracts that they are the “owner” of. A binder can be shared to a user (or group) with either “view only” or ”edit” permissions. If a user gets “view only” permissions, they will only be able to view the contracts in the binder but not change anything (like metadata, activities, or adding to other binders).

The exception is Administrator users who have the “can manage all content” permission (such as your own account). These users will simply have access to all contracts and binders.

You can manage the user rights on the binder level.


➜ Click “BINDERS” icon on the left column to open the Binders view

➜ Navigate to the binder which rights you want to modify

➜ Click “” icon to open the action menu for that specific binder.

➜ Select “Sharing” to open the Sharing pop-up

➜ You can either add a new user or user group to the binder. To do this, either click ‘Add User’ or ‘Add Group’ –button.

➜ After that, select the user or group you want add to this binder and then the permission level (view / edit). “View” gives user view rights to that specific binder and all sub-binders below it, including the contracts in these binders. “Edit” gives user edit rights to same content.

➜ Click ‘Add User’ or ‘Add Group’ –button to add the rights

➜ To modify existing user rights, click the ‘pen’ –icon right after the user name.

➜ To delete existing user rights, click the ‘cross’ –icon right after the user name.