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Managing contract details

Editing metadata

➜ To open contract detail view, click on the contract thumbnail on CONTRACT view.

➜ You may add/edit contract metadata in DETAILS tab.

➜ To edit any existing meta data, just click on it and start editing. After you have done your changes, click “Save changes” button to save the changes or “Reset changes” button to undo your changes.


Using tags

Quick reminders

➜ In contract’s metadata in DETAILS tab, all future dates have a ‘clock’ icon attached to them (see picture above).

➜ You may quick create reminders related to that date by clicking that icon.


➜ AIVAN will propose three reminders based on that specific date: one three months before, one a month before and one 14 days before.

➜ By default, all three reminders are selected. You may unselect the reminders you don’t want to have.

➜ You may adjust the date and time of each proposed reminder.

➜ Modify the subject if needed. The default subject is contracts title and the date based on which the reminder has been created.

➜ Select the user(s) you want these reminders to be sent to on selected dates.

➜ Finally click ‘Add Reminders’ button to create the reminders.

Adding contract to binder(s)

You may add the contract to one or more binders.

➜ Open the contract.

➜ Select “Binders” tab.

➜ Click “Add to Binder” button. A Binder pop-up opens.

➜ Select the Binder to which you want to add the contract.

NOTE: you may add the contract to several binders.


You may add as many activities to your contract as you wish. A reminder e-mail is sent on the date set in activity to the person set. You may also edit the message in the reminder.


➜ Choose ”Activities” – tab.

➜ Click  ”Add new reminder” –button to add a new reminder to the contract in question.

➜ Select the date and time when the reminder email is to be sent

➜ Optionally you may set a deadline (date & time) for this activity

➜ Select recurrence (singular, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)

➜ Enter subject for your reminder.

➜ Select the user(s) to whom it is sent

➜ Click ”Add reminder” –button to save the reminder.

All reminders for a specific contract are listed on the “Reminders” tab. If you want to edit, remove or mark as complete a specific reminder, click “…” button on the reminder row to open a menu and then select the right action.

Files & Emails

You can manage contract’s files in ‘Files & Emails’ tab. One contract in service consists of one or several files. One on the files is set to be “Main contract document” (this is the first one on the list). To manage the files:


➜ Choose ”Files & Emails” – tab.

➜ Click  ”…” –button on the file row you want to manage

➜ Action menu has following items:

– “Make main contract document” – this action will promote the specific file to main main contract document. Main contract document is the file, which’s AI-engine uses as main source for metadata and which is shown as a contract thumbnail.

– “Change document type to other” – this action will change the document type to ‘other’. Typically non-legal files are set to ‘other’ type (such as the original word-document, which was used to create the contract).

– “Hide this document” – if a file is hidden, only the users, who have editing rights to this contract, can see it (this is handy if most of the contract files may be shared with other users, but one or some of the files are more secret – those files can be hidden from all user with view-only rights to this specific contract).

– “Download” – this action will download the file in question.

– “Download as text” – this action will download the text content of the file as .txt file

– “Rename” – this action will rename the file.

– “Archive” – this action will archive the file in question. Note: you can’t archive the main contract document. If you wish to archive that, you first have to promote another file to main contract document.

➜ You may upload new files to contract with drag & drop to the zone on top of the page. Clicking that are will open the file dialogue.  Note: If you wish to upload a new main contract document. Upload it first as an attachment and then promote it to main contract document.


You can attach e-mails to any contract and see and manage them on ‘Files & Emails’ tab.  Video below shows how e-mails can be added to a specific contract.


You may add several notes to your contract and even anchor them to a specific place in any contract file. See video below for more info:


Audit log

Contract owner and administrator may see a full audit log for the contract in Audit Log tab.


➜ Audit log will show the list of user who have viewed or edited the contract. You may click any of the lines for additional information.

➜ You may also download the full raw audit file, by clicking “Click here to dowload the unfiltered raw log”.