Contract Management for Telia Sign

Keep business digital and never lose sight of your contracts for Telia Sign allows you to quickly and automatically send completed contracts to the smart contract archive.


Smart contract archiving with ease

Often, contracts are forgotten and even lost after they have been signed. With, you can ensure contracts are always archived with minimal effort, automatically prepopulated with the appropriate metadata and follow-up activities.

More control and visibility into your contract base for Telia Sign provides easy access to the relevant contracts for your entire staff. Use Single-Sign-On and versatile access control features to make sure everyone can securely access the contracts they need to from any device.

Designed for easy integration

Created to suit the needs of legal teams, sales departments, and procurement alike, adds value to your current processes by making sure contracts are not forgotten. Share contracts to the people you choose, allow decision makers to review reports and insights, and ensure follow-up activities are taken care of.

Easy to configure and customize for Telia Sign is a built-in integration and requires no costly IT project to take into use. is a contract management platform designed and built for flexibility. For further integrations with other business processes, ships a complete set of APIs along with documentation.

Get a grip of your contracts can be easily integrated with various leading enterprise solutions, such as document management systems.

Save time and effort

Never miss contractual dates

Find details quickly

Share with your team

Instant cloud setup – no IT project involved