CONTRACT MANAGEMENT with NO ADDED COMPLEXITY is a zero-effort contract lifecycle management solution. From the user’s perspective, archiving a contract is as easy as sending a single email. AI-assisted processing makes contracts available on-demand to selected team members, enables rich searches and automation benefits, such as reminders.

KEY FEATURES is designed to save time and worry. Depending on your needs, you can use to quickly archive contracts and then simply forget about them. Or, you can use it to actively share contracts and collaborate with a global team. It’s totally up to you.

One-touch archival

To archive a contract, simply send it to a dedicated, customizable email address. An AI-powered processing engine analyzes and indexes the entire document.

Bird-eye view

Use the Dashboard to get a high-level view to all your contracts. Individual contracts are organized in smart dynamic binders with visual thumbnails for easy browsing.

Smart search

Discover details and filter data quickly and intuitively. Every word in the contracts is searchable. Key details, such as contract parties, are automatically identified.

Team ready

You control who can see and access the contracts. Shared access eliminates availability bottlenecks and reduces risks for contractual liabilities and lost opportunities.

Automated actions

Automatic reminders ensure that you do not miss contractual dates. Automatic keyword alerts notify specific team members of specific contractual terms, for example.

Secure vault

Access control ensures that classified material remains eyes-only. Security comes built-in: all data managed by is securely encrypted and safely stored.

PART OF THE CHAIN can be easily integrated with various leading systems, such as document management systems.


You can automate data import by integrating with your existing document management systems.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES is fully compatible with electronically signed contracts.

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