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We make contract management as easy as sending one email. Want to see how our AI engine does all the work for you?

Contract management sucks!

Managing contracts is boring and a time sink

Most contracts are abandoned and lost after signing. Entering contract data into an information system never gets actually done.

We make contract management effortless and automated. Processing, indexing and picking out key details may still be a boring, but our tireless AI engine never complains.

Watch how our AI contract management works.

Customer success stories is suitable for any organization that utilizes contracts, regardless of the size of the company or volume of contracts.

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Property manager Senaatti saved 7 person-years with Aivan’s AI contract processing

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The Google-like search functions throughout the contract base are really efficient to use.

Magical contract management by

How contract
management works? is a zero-effort contract lifecycle management solution. Archiving a contract is as easy as sending a single email. Automated processing makes contracts available to selected team members, enables rich searches and automation benefits, such as reminders.


1. Send contract

Wow, you made a deal – congratulations! Now, instead of dumping and forgetting the contract, take 1 minute to email it to our AI engine. Done already? Great.


2. AI Magic

We’ll take it from here! Our smart AI engine instantly processes the document, archives it in fully searchable form and picks up key details, like contract parties and essential dates.


3 Peace of mind

Forget about it! We will notify you if there’s something you should be aware of, like expiration dates. When you want to look up something, just enter a search keyword.

Get a grip of your contracts optimizes your existing processes and works with leading document management systems. saves and archives contracts digitally in one secure place with minimum effort. You get superb search and browsing capabilities, shared access and automatic reminders.

Save time and effort

Never miss contractual dates

Find details quickly

Share with your team

Instant cloud setup – no IT project involved

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